Instructor Tomek


Kitesurfer since 2004

Languages Spanish, English, Polish
Age 32


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Un muy buen profesor, es muy divertido y es paciente. Te enseña muy bien y tiene mucho manejo de cometa.

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Luca | Julio 2021

Great experience and great guy!

Tomek is an amazing teacher with a great sense of humor and patience for clients. I very enjoyed the lessons and i am looking forward to come back to Tarifa and continue the adventure!

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Ewa Stalewska | Junio 2021

Great experience and great guy!

Tomek is an amazing teacher with a great sense of humor and patience for clients. I very enjoyed the lessons and i am looking forward to come back to Tarifa and continue the adventure!

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Ewa | Junio 2021


Una amiga y yo tuvimos dos clases con él y fue muy entretenido. Nos explicó todo con paciencia y disfrutamos mucho de la experiencia. Deseando repetir!...

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Isa | Junio 2021

kitesurf class

Tomek, el polaco loco que te enseña surf con un compromiso y una involucración del 100%!! Además, las risas están aseguradas

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guille | Junio 2021

Kite lesson in Tarifa

I can only say good things about Tomek. He is great from start to finish. Always on time and has all equipment ready. Lessons with him safe, fun and explains everything. His unique ability to see your weak point (if you have one) and work on it is amazing! I also liked that he had so much patience and happy to explain something again (although he already showed you 3 times :-). Once you got it right you can move on ;-) and he can teach you for sure. I had full confidence in him! For me he was excellent therefore I highly recommend him to all my friends and to everyone! Keep up the good work and see you again most likely after the summer Tomek. Thank you very much for all

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Attila | Junio 2021

Nos encantó !!!

Profesional y muy muy divertido. Tomek es ideal para niños y principiantes porque transmite mucha seguridad al alumno y hace las clases súper amenas …. Lo escogí para mi hijo pequeño y ya no quiere otro monitor

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Dani | Junio 2021

Clases con Tomex

Tomex es un gran profesional y me ha encantado compartir mis clases co el

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Hugo Ladron | Marzo 2021

Tomek is definitely recommended

Tomek is a great instructor. He is not only funny, easy-going and likeable, he also knows what he is talking about. Due to Tomek, I managed to get my first meters on the board in under 6 hours! Great success!

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Tom R | Noviembre 2020

Great instructor

I hve return to Tomek for a private lesson. He is really great instructor and can explain good things. Lessons with him are fun. I will definitely come back. Thank you Tomek, hoop see you soon.

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Kasia | Octubre 2020

Jaén Pérez

Tomek es un profesional, aprendimos mucho con el. Lo recomiendo!

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Fran | Octubre 2020

Curso octubre kitesurf

Fantástico instructor!!! Muy buena persona y muy buen profesional, nos ha enseñado la técnica y la pasión del kitsurf. Queremos volver pronto y que de nuevo nos encontremos con él.

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Maria | Octubre 2020

Cool instructor

I went out with my day on his 50th birthday. Tomek was our private instructor for the day. We both had the best kite surfing experience since we started 5 years ago. Tomek taught me my first backflip and showed me a few other tricks to improve my skills. He added humor to his lessons and made the experience enjoyable and fun with my dad. Was a great day !

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Vincent | Octubre 2020

Timid 15 year old found a cool instructor

The last time I kite surfed was 3 years ago. I had previous lessons but never had the confidence to go out on my own. My mother decided to get me a private instructor to slowly get me back into it. Tomek fulfilled that task and more. He not only gave me confidence in my ability but he also motivated me. He managed to get me excited about the sport. I am thankful for Tomek for bringing back the joy of kitesurfing. I’m a timid person so Tomek made me feel comfortable with his calmness, patience and understanding. I would gladly surf with Tomek again the next time I’m in Tarifa.

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Grace | Octubre 2020

He brings the joy back into kitesurfing !

I had four 2-hours private lessons with Tomek and he was excellent. I would have done more had we have better wind condition. He was very communicative and thorough with his explanations and instructions. He was super friendly and informative. I learned a lot from him and he bought back the motivation and excitement of kitesurfing for me. Thank you.

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Thomas | Octubre 2020

Excelente profesional

Excelente monitor. Su profesionalidad y dedicación me han hecho avanzar muchísimo a pesar de mis pésimas aptitudes. Sin él no habría logrado deslizarme y cuento con volver para seguir perfeccionando. Un abrazo. Antonio Bazán

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Antonio Bazán | Octubre 2020


Tomas was a great instructor and I had such a fun few days learning how to control the kite and get out on the water. Highly recommended and I hope to come back soon!

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Charlie | Septiembre 2020


No he tenido mejor monitor de kitesurf, Tomek ademas de enseñarme este deporte nos reimos sin parar y me enseña como funciona todo y para que sirve. Principalmente me ha encantado que me enseñe a manejarme con el viento y con el mar y que a pesar de que no haya viento pasemos un buen rato. Sin duda el mas simpatico y profesional.

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Fernando | Septiembre 2020

Tarifa kite

Tomek fue un grandisimo profesor aprendí bastante rápido además de ser muy gracioso que se agradecía

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Alberto | Septiembre 2020


Great teacher , very patient and always addressing safety first.

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Justin Rocamora | Septiembre 2020


I had a few hours of lessons with Tomek. He is very effective and committed instructor, my kite skills have increased significantly after his training. I am very pleased and I have fond memories of the kitesurfing time in Tarifa. I heartily recommend Tomek as an instructor!!

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Kamil Kaniewski | Septiembre 2020


Tomek is an excellent instructor. He really paid attention to the improvements I wanted to make and took the time to explain things clearly.

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Philip brereton. | Septiembre 2020

Kick Ass Instructor

Thank you so much for teaching me how to kite. Your training was very organized and extremely fun. I can’t wait to come back and continue my training with you in such a beautiful place. You and your team are awesome !

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Justin Champion | Septiembre 2020

Relaxed, fun but effective coaching

Tomek is an awesome coach and a great guy to meet. His energy is positive, he knows how to have fun and have a laugh - but when the information is critical or important, he is clear and consistent. In my experience, all of the coaches at APKC speak very clear English, and Tomek is no different. His instructions are clear and he even finds ways to make explanations easier to understand - or ways to help you remember the information that is important.

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Kyle | Septiembre 2020

Stuck in London????

If you get the chance book Tomek, great instructor and perfect for our teenage boys

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Richard | Septiembre 2020


It was a real pleasure to have Tomek as instructor - always lots of positive energy that turns you on and keep you high for the rest of the day. Lots of useful advices that make each lesson fruitful. I think that he took quite significient part in making me addicted to surfing.

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Michal | Septiembre 2020

Best instructor

Tomek is a great person and instructor. With his good vibe and knowledge you will learn a lot about kitesurfing in an awesome atmosphere.

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Mateusz | Septiembre 2020

Best instructor

Tomek is a great person and instructor, with his good vibe and knowledge you will learn a lot about kitesurfing in an awesome atmosphere.

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Mateusz | Septiembre 2020

The best kite club in Tarifa

We arranged everything very quickly and without any problems. We had lessons with instructor Tomek, who is positively crazy, very nice and really knows his stuff. I recommend this kite club to everyone. Full professionalism.

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Krzysiek | Septiembre 2020

An amazing 3 day kite surf crash course

My instructor was Tomek. Amazing and funny guy whom taught me how to kite surf in just 3 lessons. I wish I had stayed longer to improve more but I was able to stand and surf for a while. Would definitely recommend him and Alex Pastors other many experienced instructors. Schedule and gear are as-well very favorable!

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Maurizio | Septiembre 2020

Fantástico profesor

Gran profesor , paciente, educado , continuo en sus explicaciones en el foil y te genera confianza .

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José María Esteban | Septiembre 2020


I had few lessons with Tom and he is one of the most patient person/trainer I have ever met :) Carefully watching, he can give a game-changer tip which solves the problem which I even did not imagine. Moreover, positive vibes he presents make each lesson a real pleasure and a really nice time! Happy to have some more in the future. I can only recommand him! :)

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Joanna | Septiembre 2020

I recommended

Good job Tomek! A very professional and experienced Instructor .

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Artur | Septiembre 2020

Super polski instruktor w Taryfie

Jeśli przyjeżdżacie do Tarify to zajęcia kitesurfingu tylko z Tomkiem. Polecam . Polski instruktor , mega wiedza i bardzo fajne zajęcia .

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Aleksandra | Septiembre 2020


I had couple of kite trainers but Tom won every contest!!! Not only in Tarifa but among other spots too! His trainers skills, proffesionalism and tips given allow to make a visible progress which, combined with the climat&atmosphere He creates on daily basis, makes Tarifa an unusual place. In my opinion Tarifa is a magic spot created by unusual People and Tom is one of them! Assuming - the best Trainer ever!!! Congrats for having Tom in your Team! Aloha

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Bart | Septiembre 2020

The best instructor

I had a kitesurfing course with Tomek and it was a great time. Tomek has a lot of experience and is very patient. I recommend him very much

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Dominica | Septiembre 2020


Having some classes with Tomek it has been a great experience ,very professional and always smiling. He got me hooked into kitesurfing .Even when I finish my classes he was always very helpful on the beach giving me some more tips about the kite size or wind conditions. Always happy to see him on the beach and share some kiting experience with him .

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Rybcia | Septiembre 2020


Ahhh what a week, Tomek is hands down one of the coolest dudes in Tarifa. His skills, passion and love for kitesurfing are highly infectious. He’s overflowing with kitesurfing knowledge and life wisdom which he shared in such a clear and beautiful way. Always smiling, always laughing, will look after for you like a brother and has the patience of a saint. Can’t wait to come back and continue my surfing journey with the genius. Everyone needs a Tomek in their life. See ya soon!

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Sam Hunter | Septiembre 2020

Super instructor

super bueno muy buena persona

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Fiodor | Septiembre 2020

Gran monitor

Un gran profesor, con muchos conocimientos técnicos en todos los aspectos, cometa, maniobras, tabla, control del entorno He aprendido mucho y me he sentido seguro y acompañado en todo momento Volveré para seguir mejorando

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Israel | Septiembre 2020

Buenísima experiencia

El mejor instructor de kite posible. Todo súper bien he aprendido muchísimo y al principio tuve bastante miedo pero gracias a Tomek entendí que no hay nada a lo que temer .

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halinka | Septiembre 2020

The Best instructor

I love him, very funny and he’s doing an amazing job

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Maja | Septiembre 2020

Kite lessons

Had 2 days of kiting with Tomek! Great teacher and really cares about his students. Going back again to kite with him. Best so far in tarifa.

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Dani | Septiembre 2020

Muy buena experiencia

Estuvimos en agosto de vacaciones y decidimos probar la experiencia, fue muy divertido, el equipo estuvo en todo momento super atentos con nosotros, muy profesionales, despues estuvimos tomando algo con los chicos en muy buen ambiente, si bajamos otro año repetiremos seguro!!!!!

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Rafa G. | Septiembre 2020

About Tomek

Tomek is affectionately known in Tarifa as “El Polako”. He has been practicing kitesurfing since 2004 and his energy and self-confidence will not leave you indifferent.

Tomek is 30 years old and has practiced kitesurfing since 2004. Since 2014 he is teaching kitesurfing around the world and whoever learns with him always goes with a great taste in his mouth. It is titled by the IKO and the Andalusian Sailing Federation of Kitesurf. With Tomek you will have a great time in the classes and as he says ... train a true kitesurfer.


Certificado IKO, FAV.


Spanish, English, Polish





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120 € / hora

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