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Kitesurfer since 2010

36 Years

Spanish, English, Portugues

65€ / hour 1 student
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Kitesurfing since 2005

40 Years

Spanish, English, Polish

65€ / hour 1 student
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Kitesurfer since 2004

34 Years

Spanish, English, Polish

65€ / hour 1 student
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Kitesurfer since 2001

48 Years

Spanish, English, Catalan, Portuguese, Aramaic

100€ / hour 1 student
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Kitesurfer since 2003

33 Years

Spanish, English, Portuguese

120€ / hour 1 student
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Frequently asked questions

In principle, a package of 6 hours is split in 2 hours per day, but we could change them depending on the weather conditions and students' abilities. Sometimes there are students who want to do a little more and do 3-hour class. Another more intense option is to do two 2-hour sessions in a day with a break between them. Everything as long as the weather conditions allow it.

Private Lesson (1 Person)
Private kitesurf class is where you’ll learn in the fastest and most safe way, because you’ll have 100% of the instructors' attention. The instructor will be exclusively with you and will fully adapt to your needs and your level. Your kitesurfing class includes a helmet radio communication system, in which you can talk to your kitesurfing instructor at all times, even if you are in the water. It is the most recommended option if you want to learn kitesurfing as quickly as possible or if you come alone.

Semi-Private Lesson (2 Persons)
Semi-private kitesurfing class is for 2 people, each student will have equipment for themselves, which is the maximum number of kites that an instructor can control simultaneously. In the semi-private class your instructor will be teaching two people at the same time, so both of you must have a similar level. In this class you progress quite quickly but it is not as efficient as a private lesson. It is the most recommended option if two people come together, you want to progress quickly and have a cheaper class than the private one.

Group Lesson (3-4 People)
In a class of 3 people, the price is much cheaper, it is usually approximately 45% cheaper than the private class, but the learning speed also decreases, because we have to share two kites between the three. If you come with your group of friends and you have enough time to attend about 8 hours of class, then this type of class is recommended. If you don't want to share a kite and learn faster, you will have to choose two different instructors, or book one class after the other.

4 people is the maximum that an instructor is authorized to teach at the same time, and there will be two groups of 2 students sharing one kite for each group. This class has a much cheaper price but it must be taken into account that we will only use the kitesurfing equipment half the time of the class.

If you're more than 4 people or want to do a team building event, then contact us and we’ll be happy to work out all the logistics.
There is no right or wrong answer here, and it completely depends on the student, we had students that only needed 4 hours to stand up on the board and kite back and forth, and some students took it a little longer to get the grasp of kitesurfing.

In our experience, we saw that students that progress quicker typically have these traits:
- Are very interested and excited to learn, and listen carefully to the instructor.
-Had previous boardsports experience (wakeboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.)
-Have a good overall fitness and body awareness.

For the classes we always recommend private or semi-private because you can progress much more in them. The students have a kite all the time and that is the reason for making more progress, a semi-private class consists of two students with one kite each and an instructor for both. The two students must have the same level more or less, so if you come you should only be lucky so that we have another student more or less of your level in our school, otherwise you will have to do private classes.
- Instructor
- All the gear for kitesurfing (Kite, board, wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, etc)
- Insurance (Accident & 3rd party civil)
- Boat rescue service (During Levante)
- Loads of fun
This really depends on the wind. We always check the conditions beforehand and will let you know when is the best time to start the lesson. If it’s Poniente, then the classes will start in the afternoon, around 2-3 pm, and will run until 7-8 pm or until the wind goes down. If it’s Levante, then it could start way earlier, as the wind typically blows all day. In our website you can choose the time for your lessons, but keep in mind that the time can change as we depend on weather conditions.
Normally we teach at Los Lances Norte beach next to Chiringuito Agua, that's where the boat rescue service operates.

But also it depends on the wind, if there is a very strong Levante in Tarifa, then we would go to Palmones, next to Algeciras.

Sometimes we also go to Valdevaqueros, football stadium, Getares, and other places according to the conditions.
Yes, but only for private lessons. We use BBTalkin two-way radio intercom system, so that the instructor can speak to you in real-time, and also you can speak to the instructor as well. This makes it easier for you to adjust on the spot and it saves time to get the feedback from the instructor.
As this sport depends on the wind, sometimes it lets us down. That’s why when the wind completely shuts off during the lesson, normally we stop the lesson and wait until the wind picks up or we reschedule the lesson for another time. If you already paid for the course and didn’t use all the hours, due to weather conditions, then we’ll happily refund for those unspent hours.