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Kitesurfer deste 2013

Idiomas inglés, polaco
Edad 34


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I just had my second lesson with Mike and it was a blast! Being a total newbie, I wasn't really sure what I was doing and I know I probably wasn't the easiest person to coach. But Mike was so chill and understanding. He gave me some killer tips and his teaching style was super fun. He totally adapted everything to my level. I seriously learned so much in just two hours and I'm definitely gonna ask for Mike again next time :))

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Marta | 17 sept 2023


Mike is a Good and passionate Instructor i recommand him

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Theo | 14 sept 2023

Amazing experience!

I had an incredible experience in Tarifa with Mike as my instructor. Even though it had been two years since my first kiteboarding lesson, Mike and I began the week with a brief refresher before diving into body dragging and kiting. Mike's guidance was invaluable, as he struck the perfect balance between providing assistance and allowing me the autonomy to grasp kiteboarding swiftly. Without a doubt, I will be booking him again for my next adventure!

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Louis Colle | 14 sept 2023

“Be one with the kite”

Mike is an amazing instructor, and an old soul. I had previously booked 8hrs at Alex Pastor the last 10 days of July, and absolutely loved the professionalism and safety standards, not to mention the team. However in early September I was staying an hour away from Tarifa and decided to book with another person. Let say it was the worst two hours of my life, especially when I ended up flying a few feet in the air, until I let go of my kite and ended up falling flat like a board head buried in the sand. It was painful, scary, and was about to quit at that moment. After a “lightbulb” moment I called Alex Pastor and was quickly booked for 4 hrs with Mike. Mike knew what I could already do yet, within 10 min, he was able to tell that I was afraid. I explained what had happened and he quickly adapted to my way of learning, started the process of getting comfortable with the kite once again. Mike is extremely patient and answered all my questions, while I was flying the kite. Safety is a top priority for Mike and he never left my side. Once I was comfortable flying the kite he had me practice closing my eyes and feel how the kite responded with the wind (it was a day with very low wind, not enough to go out in the ocean, but enough to fly a kite and keep it steady), hence the title of this post! It was an amazing feeling and I got an amazing feel of how little one need to move the bar to park the kite. This exercise gave me the confidence and reassured me that kite surfing is definitely a sport I love. Mike made that happen, he did it all, I I lay had to trust him which was as easy as I said he is calm and gives out an old soul vibe. Mike gave me the greatest gift, the love of kite surfing again. 10/10 definitely recommend! Mike thank you once again for giving me the confidence to continue on my kite surf journey!

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Camila | 9 sept 2023

skillful instructor

I appreciated the chance to train with different instructors. mike was a big gain! he was patient and pationate about giving me the best learning experience. highly focused with great input, so I could very easily develop my skills. thanks alot, mike!

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christian | 4 sept 2023

Acerca de Mike

Mike ha estado deslizando sobre una tabla toda su vida. Profesor de skate, snowboard y kitesurf desde hace casi 10 años.

Mike ha estado deslizando sobre una tabla durante toda su vida. Ha practicado skate desde que tiene uso de razón, cuando era un adolescente era considerado uno de los mejores del sur de Polonia. Quería más, y esto le llevó al snowboard freestyle y, como entrenador certificado, enseñó y entrenó en centros acrobáticos y snowparks de toda Europa. Desafortunadamente, su carrera en el snowboard terminó con una lesión en la rodilla, pero afortunadamente fue esto lo que lo llevó al kitesurf y nunca miró hacia atrás. Es instructor de IKO desde hace casi 10 años y ha enseñado en más de 15 spots alrededor del mundo. Mike entrena poniéndose siempre en el lugar de sus alumnos. Su objetivo es comprender los objetivos de sus alumnos y visualizar la evolución de su progresión para descomponer cualquier maniobra de kitesurf en partes: desde el control de la cometa hasta la tabla, el cuerpo, la barra y la mentalidad. Y lo más importante para él es enseñar de forma segura y que los alumnos se diviertan.




IKO Level 2, TD1.


inglés, polaco





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