Five Tricks for Experienced Kitesurfers

Alex Pastor 449 days ago 8 min of reading
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Learn five of my favorite tricks for intermediate kiteboarders in this comprehensive tutorial. If you already master the basics of load and pop this is the next step for you! 5 unhooked tricks.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Alex Pastor. Today, I'll be sharing five of my favorite kiteboarding tricks for intermediate Kitesurfers. Before you dive in, I recommend watching my previous tutorial where I cover five tricks for beginners. Additionally, it's important to have a solid foundation in loading and popping, as well as unhooking your kite before attempting these tricks. Check out my tutorial on these fundamental skills here.
How to Jump or Pop Kitesurfing ----- Five Easy Tricks for Beginners Kitesurfers

Blind Judge

The first trick we're going to learn is a "Railey to Blind" or "Blind Judge." For this trick is important to do a good pop, because we're going to get most of the height out of it. Remember, on this trick we're not moving the kite, we're just getting all the height from the pop. When we get a really good pop, our legs will go up and we'll be sent up and not to the front. This is what we want to do, we just need to get our legs going up with momentum. With our heads, we just focus on the landing. Once we've spotted the landing and know how high we went, we decide when to start turning. On this other trick that you can see on the video above, I started turning a little bit earlier because I wanted to grab the bar in the air. 


The next trick is the "313", which is similar to the "Blind Judge" or "Railey to Blind," but on this one, we do a frontside 360 instead of a backside 180. The most important thing is to do the rotation and then land. My top trick for this is to send your hip strongly to your bar to help you rotate. 

Front Mobe

The next Kitesurf trick is called a "Front Mobe" or "NIS" (non-inverted slim chance), but the real name is from wakeboarding. It's a front roll where you almost do the whole rotation and then turn the other way around to land wrapped or pass the bar in the air and land heel side. The main trick for this one is to get as much pop as possible and wait for the slack and tilt the kite down slightly when going for the handle pass. Keep the bar as low as possible as your body starts to go down. Approach your hip towards the bar to catch it in the air and land heel side. Spot your landing and bend your knees as you touch the water.

Back Mobe

All right, so here goes everyone's favorite trick in the Backmobe. This trick can be a bit difficult if you don't know how to do it, but once you've understood the movement, it can be very easy. This is one of those tricks that you will always have unlocked. The secret for this trick (that nobody will tell you) is that you do this back roll to toe side. So, you ride, do a good pop, and then do a back roll to toe side as inverted as you can. Keep in mind that by the time you reach the toe side, you have to be completely horizontal. This is my reference point. If your legs are too low on this point, it means you're not going to be able to finish the rotation because your legs will go down before you finish the rotation. So, if you're horizontal at this moment, you have good chances of landing. Also, try to hold your bar as long as possible, and it's at this moment when you start releasing your bar and let the momentum continue, and you land just fine. The moment I understood this trick, I never missed the back move again.

Front Roll to Blind

Last but not least, my favorite trick of this series is the front roll to Blind. On this one, I actually grabbed the tail because I just love this trick so much and I think it looks so much better with a little grab. As you can see in this pop, I got a little bit of a white water wave coming towards me. If you are very familiar with this trick, you can use this white water to get extra height, but you have to remember that as always, you have to time the rotation. If you get extra height because you jump off a little wave, then you have to spin a little bit slower or you'll get this little time here after the grab where you can kind of slow down your movement a little bit, but you don't have so much time, so just try to time your rotation from the beginning. Usually, I don't jump off a little wave because if you can't land this trick very consistently, you can get a back edge or over rotate. So it's very important to time it and spot your landing right there. This is the moment where you want to spot your landing and try to hold your bar as close as possible to your body. I know it's very hard, but just trying and bringing it a little bit of pressure down will help you keep the momentum going and land flat on your board. This is very important. Once you land, bend your knees and try to catch the bar with the other hand. Now you can keep riding.

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