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Remember that for your kitesurfing lesson, you can choose your preferred instructor. To help you decide which instructor suits you best, you can review their profiles which display feedback from other clients, hourly rates, spoken languages, kitesurfing experience, and more.

The majority of the instructors are specialised in beginner and intermediate kitesurf courses, and some also offer advanced kitesurfing lessons. If you're having trouble choosing the right instructor, you can make a quick reservation with random selection and we will match you with the most suitable instructor based on your skill level.

You can reach out to us via the chat or through our contact page.

Kite instructors in Essaouira

Rachid - Kite instructor


The moroccan rider

Languages Spanish, English, French, Arabic, German
Age 44

50€ / hour 1 student

Mehdi - Kite instructor


Essaouira Local

Languages English, Frensh, Arabic
Age 26

50€ / hour 1 student


Kite school in Essaouira

Book your kitesurfing classes in Essaouira with the finest instructors on our website. To book your kitesurfing course, simply select your preferred instructor, check their availability, and make a reservation in under a minute. Regardless of your skill level, your instructor will contact you before your kitesurfing course and tailor their teaching to your level.

If you're a beginner, we recommend taking at least three 2-hour classes per day, if it's a private class. For semi-private classes, an extra 1-2 hours of lessons may be necessary. At our kitesurfing school in Essaouira, we provide all the necessary equipment for your kitesurfing course.

Kite instructor Essaouira

The finest kitesurfing instructors in Essaouira

At our kitesurfing school in Essaouira, we offer some of the best kitesurfing instructors in Essaouira, regardless of your skill level! Our instructors are carefully chosen based on their vast experience, friendliness, and outstanding reviews from our satisfied customers. You simply need to choose the number of hours you require, and your instructor will customise their teaching approach to meet your individual needs and goals.

Please note that all our instructors at our kitesurfing school in Essaouira use only the finest equipment, which is included in the cost of your kitesurfing course.

Kitesurfing in Essaouira

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Kitesurfing classes for beginners in Essaouira

If you're new to kitesurfing or lack basic knowledge of the sport, we can help you learn quickly and safely. Initially, we'll teach you the fundamental principles of kite flying, safety techniques, and basic wind concepts. Once you have a solid understanding of these fundamentals, your instructor will show you how to independently launch and land the kite, and you'll practice several exercises on the beach with a lower traction kite until you develop the necessary skills to control your kite safely. Our instructors use proven techniques to help you learn as quickly as possible. Once you feel confident in your ability to control the kite, we'll move into the water and start with "body drag" exercises and work towards getting you up on the board.

We offer classes in both individual and small group settings, with a maximum of four people per group. If you opt for a private kitesurfing lesson, you'll make faster progress with an instructor solely dedicated to helping and teaching you 100% of the time.

Semi-private Lesson

Kitesurfing courses medium-high level in Essaouira

The advanced kitesurfing course in Essaouira is the ideal option for those who want to progress to the maximum. Remember that all our instructors can offer advanced classes in upwind riding, jump or pop optimization, rotations, etc.

In Morocco, we offer the best advanced kitesurfing courses with experienced instructors who will guide you to progress quickly and safely.

The most common advanced kitesurfing classes we usually offer are lessons to improve upwind riding, optimize your pop for higher and controlled jumps, and the first rotations.

Do not hesitate to book with us and we will contact you before your kitesurfing lesson to help you to the fullest in your progression.

Also, feel free to check out our blog to see our videos that will help you progress in your upwind riding, jumps, and first tricks.

Advanced Kitesurf Lesson Essaouira

Book your Kitesurf lessons in Essaouira

Looking to experience the thrill of kitesurfing in Morocco? Look no further than Alex Pastor Kite Club, the premier kite school in Essaouira. We offer a range of beginner and advanced courses and lessons that will teach you everything from how to fly your kite to advanced tricks like jumping or even your first handle pass. No matter what level you're at, we have something for everyone! You'll be able to enjoy some of the best conditions in Africa with our year-round windy weather and warm water temperatures. Whether it's your first time or your hundredth time on a board, there's always something new waiting for you here at Alex Pastor Kite Club!

Contact us today to learn more about our kitesurfing classes! Email us at [email protected] or call or WhatsApp us at (+212) 602-510582.

All lessons include free transportation to the beach, equipment hire (kite, board, wetsuit, harness, and safety equipment) and insurance.

Sometimes the conditions can change rapidly and the wind dies, but if we're unable to continue with the lessons, we can always reschedule the lesson or refund your money for the hours that weren't completed.

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Frequently asked questions

In principle, a package of 6 hours is split in 2 hours per day, but we could change them depending on the weather conditions and students' abilities. Sometimes there are students who want to do a little more and do 3-hour class. Another more intense option is to do two 2-hour sessions in a day with a break between them. Everything as long as the weather conditions allow it.

Private Lesson (1 Person) Private kitesurf lesson is where you’ll learn in the fastest and most safe way, because you’ll have 100% of the instructors' attention. The instructor will be exclusively with you and will fully adapt to your needs and your level. Your kitesurfing class includes a helmet radio communication system, in which you can talk to your kitesurfing instructor at all times, even if you are in the water. It is the most recommended option if you want to learn kitesurfing as quickly as possible or if you come alone.

Semi-Private Lesson (2 Persons) Semi-private kitesurfing lesson is for 2 people, each student will have equipment for themselves, which is the maximum number of kites that an instructor can control simultaneously. In the semi-private class your instructor will be teaching two people at the same time, so both of you must have a similar level. In this class you progress quite quickly but it is not as efficient as a private lesson. It is the most recommended option if two people come together, you want to progress quickly and have a cheaper class than the private one.

Group Lesson (3-4 People) In a class of 3 people, the price is much cheaper, it is usually approximately 45% cheaper than the private class, but the learning speed also decreases, because we have to share two kites between the three. If you come with your group of friends and you have enough time to attend about 8 hours of class, then this type of class is recommended. If you don't want to share a kite and learn faster, you will have to choose two different instructors, or book one class after the other.

4 people is the maximum that an instructor is authorized to teach at the same time, and there will be two groups of 2 students sharing one kite for each group. This class has a much cheaper price but it must be taken into account that we will only use the kitesurfing equipment half the time of the class.

If you're more than 4 people or want to do a team building event, then contact us and we’ll be happy to work out all the logistics.

There is no right or wrong answer here, and it completely depends on the student, we had students that only needed 4 hours to stand up on the board and kite back and forth, and some students took it a little longer to get the grasp of kitesurfing.

In our experience, we saw that students that progress quicker typically have these traits:

  • Are very interested and excited to learn, and listen carefully to the instructor.

  • Had previous boardsports experience (wakeboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.)

  • Have a good overall fitness and body awareness.

For the classes we always recommend private or semi-private because you can progress much more in them. The students have a kite all the time and that is the reason for making more progress, a semi-private class consists of two students with one kite each and an instructor for both. The two students must have the same level more or less, so if you come you should only be lucky so that we have another student more or less of your level in our school, otherwise you will have to do private classes.

  • Instructor

  • All the gear for kitesurfing (Kite, board, wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, etc)

  • Insurance (Accident & 3rd party civil)

  • Boat rescue service (During Levante)

  • Loads of fun

In Essaouira, our main season is from April to end of October. We have Alisio Wind coming from North West blowing from March to November at approximately 4-5 in the beaufort scale, perfect for Kitesurfing. We start kite lessons at 10:00, but always depending on the wind. In the main season there's wind most days, it's likely that we can start the lessons early. The windy season starts to weaken in the end of October so we might have some delays, but we will alway keep you informed.

Our lessons are mostly on the main beach of Essaouira, where our center is located. There's some days that we have to search for wind 5 minutes away from the main beach, but we'll provide transport.

Yes, but only for private lessons. We use a walkie Talkie system, so that the instructor can speak to you in real-time. This makes it easier for you to adjust on the spot and it saves time to get the feedback from the instructor.

Essaouira is very consistent with wind, but sometimes it can fail on us unfortunately. In case of No wind, You will receive a full refund for the hours that you haven't been able to do.

If you cancel within 24h of your lesson, you will be able to get a full refund as well. Past 24h, the cancellation fee is 15% of the lesson price.