Kitesurf Lessons in Tarifa

Kitesurf Course for beginners

Book our kitesurfing course by selecting 6 hours with your preferred instructor or using our quick booking feature. Our beginner kitesurf course consists of 3 lessons of 2 hours each day, so we recommend booking at least 6 hours if you don’t have any kitesurfing experience.

Do you already have some experience kitesurfing?

If you’ve already attended one or two kitesurf lessons in the past, don’t worry, we don’t have to start from zero on every course. After you’ve booked your lesson you can speak with your instructor to let them know at what step you would like to start your lesson. If you already have some experience, your instructor will adapt to your level and make sure to take full advantage of your previous kitesurf experience. You can always start off by booking 2-4 hours and see if you need more as you go. It's always better to ask your kitesurf instructor when you are ready to rent or even buy your own equipment.

What do I learn on a kite course for beginners?

Every person learns at a different speed, so we can tell you what a kitesurfing course will include for the average kitesurfing enthusiast. Remember when we say a 3 day kite course it means 6 hours of lessons, the time and dates configuration is always up to the client!

Lesson 1

Understanding the kite spot: Be aware of visible hazards, wind conditions, tides, and other factors. Consult locals for hidden dangers and read guides for spot information.

Choosing the right kite size: Understanding equipment needed, Consider wind strength, rider weight, and board size. Start with a smaller kite for better control on the first day.

Kite setup and short lines: Unroll and inflate the kite, ensuring correct pressure. Connect lines, avoiding tangles. Learn to distinguish between power and control lines.

Safety systems: Familiarize yourself with letting go of the bar, using the quick release, and releasing the safety leash in case of emergencies. You'll also learn to launch the kite.

Kite control exercises: Most of your lesson will be about practicing keeping the kite at specific positions, generate power, and play with bar pressure. Experiment with movements and understand how safety systems work.

Kitesurf Lesson Day 1

Lesson 2

Body Dragging: Simple Body Drag (Two Hands): Position kite, drag, switch sides; Figure 8 Body Drag; Lie on belly, create figure-eight motion; Upwind Body Drag Without/With the Board: Guide kite, prevent drift.

Self-Rescue: Depower kite with quick release; Wind up lines, flip kite, create sail to return; Water Relaunch Techniques.

Board exercises: Take the kiteboard while controlling the kite with the other hand, putting the board on your feet while holding the kite, walking to the water with the board and strapping onto it.

Lesson 3

On your 3rd kite lesson we focus mostly on Waterstart which is standing on your board and doing your first rides. We’ll focus on the following principles.

Positioning: Maintain safe distance from other kiters. Keep double kite line length downwind, one length on each side upwind. Align kite, bar, and board in a parallel line.

Board Placement: Place board on feet. Position kite at 12 o'clock. Get feet into straps.

Power Stroke: Perform a power stroke from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock (or 10 o'clock for the opposite direction). Adjust power strokes based on wind conditions.

Body Balance: Counterbalance kite pull by leaning slightly back. Avoid leaning too much forward.

Board Positioning: Point board towards the kite during power stroke for speed and downwind motion. Once riding, position board crosswind or upwind to avoid excessive downwind drift. Right of Way Rules: Rider entering water and starboard side rider has right of way.

Kitesurf instructors for beginners

When is the best time of the year to learn kitesurfing in Tarifa?

Tarifa is an amazing location to learn to kitesurf all year round, however, there’s a few advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind during each season. Of course the weather is always better in the Mid and High season but you can learn to kitesurf all year! 

Low season: November, December, January and February are usually our lightest months in terms of wind, averaging 4 days of wind per week, so we’d recommend that you stay a little bit longer if you want to kitesurf in these months. Temperature goes from 15-19 degrees usually so it’s never too cold.

Mid Season: March, April, May, September and October are great months for kitesurfing in Tarifa. Not too crowded, cheap accommodation and about 5 days of wind per week. Temperature is around 18-24 degrees so you will be perfect with a 3 or 4mm wetsuit.

High Season: In June, July and August you can get wind almost everyday, as we can also count with the thermal winds of Valdevaqueros, which can blow even on the less windy days in the afternoon. For the high season it’s recommended to book your accommodation in advance as it can get expensive. Temperatures are around 25-28 degrees.


What are the different types of Kitesurf Lessons?

Private Lesson (1 Person)

Get personalized attention and learn kitesurfing quickly and safely with a private instructor dedicated solely to you. The class includes a helmet radio communication system for constant interaction, making it ideal for solo learners.

Kitesurfing courses for beginners

Semi-Private Lesson (2 Persons)

For a dynamic duo, the semi-private class accommodates two individuals with separate equipment. Although not as efficient as private lessons, it offers a faster progression and is cost-effective. Perfect for pairs with similar skill levels aiming for rapid improvement.

Semi-private Lesson

Group Lesson (3-4 People)

Experience a more economical option in a group lesson for 3 people. While the price is significantly lower, sharing two kites may slow down the learning process. Ideal for friends with time to spare for approximately 8 hours of class. Opt for separate instructors or consecutive classes if you prefer individual attention and faster progress.

Group Lesson

How much does a kitesurf course in Tarifa cost?

A private beginner course costs around 390€ and it includes 6 hours of lessons. Of course, it depends on which instructor you choose, it can be a little higher or lower, but it’s always worth asking for special deals if you plan to book more than 6 hours. 

If you want to learn to kitesurf in Tarifa with a group of people the price of a lesson per person can be a lot lower as you can all learn with the same instructor, but it also might take more hours to learn. A group lesson can cost from 180€ per person for 6 hours.

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