Rent Kitesurf Equipment in Tarifa

Rent Kitesurf & Wing Foiling Gear in Tarifa, Spain

We offer a vast range of Airush kites, kiteboards, foils, Wing Foil boards, wings like the freewing Range, and all the necessary stuff that you might need to kiteboard and wing foil in Tarifa. Whether you didn't expect Levante to be that strong or lighter Poniente days are currently on the shores of Tarifa, we got you covered.

Feel free to call us or email your questions about kiteboarding and wind foiling in Tarifa and we will be happy to help. Our shop is open 7 days a week so you can check out any time. Our shop is located at Calle Mar Adriatico 24, next to Mercadona. It is not hard to find! We have all sizes and models from Airush Kiteboarding, Freewing and AK durable supply, so you can definitely find the gear that meets your needs, whether it's freeride, big air, freestyle, or wave riding!

If you picked up a kite, wing, foil or board that is too small or too big you can come back to the shop and change it at no extra fee. You can also buy a rescue card that you can use during Levante days in Los Lances Norte beach.

Rent Kitesurf Kite tarifa

Prices for Kitesurf and WingFoil Rental in Tarifa:

1 Day 2 Days More than 2 days 1 Week
Full Kitesurf Equipment 70€ 120€ 50€/ day 300€
Full Wing Foiling 80€ 140€ 60€/ day 350€
Kite + Bar 50€ 90€ 40€/ day 250€
Wing 50€ 90€ 40€/ day 250€
Foil 25€ 40€ 20€/ day 120€
Board 25€ 40€ 20€/ day 120€
Harness/ Wetsuit/ Helmet/ Life Vest 10€ 16€ 8€/ day 35€

Rent E-foil in Tarifa

Rent an Audi e-tron eFoil in Tarifa, one of the best e-foils on the market!

The two key points that makes this e-foil better then other e-foil on the market is first the safety aspect since it has a fully shielded propeller compared to most other e-foils which uses boards with open propellers. Second aspect is the stability and easy control due to the advanced controller where you can select your level when you ride. This makes the experience completely different to any other e-foil that you have tried and makes it fun from the first time you try it.

Key features:

  • Speed: Up to 50 km/h

  • Range: Up to 2h battery

  • Weight: Lightweight, 32 kg

  • Safety: Hight, fully shielded propeller

  • Level: all levels, easy control with an advanced controller

Audi e-tron eFoil

Prices for renting E-foil in Tarifa:

30 min 1 hour
Audi e-tron eFoil 70€ 130€

Why Rent Kitesurf or Wing Foil Equipment?

Traveling light: Save money on excess baggage fees and save the hassle to carry all the heavy equipment. Airlines usually charge around 100€ per way when traveling with your kitesurfing or wing foiling gear. You also need to buy the special protected luggage to carry your equipment.

Avoid risk of losing your equipment: It is a risk airlines might damage or lose your equipment when traveling, and it’s not easy to get it back or get a refund.

Location: We are located a short walk away from the main beach in Tarifa. You can pick up the equipment at the shop and go straight to the water, you can also switch to any kite, wing, foil or board size if conditions change.

Variety: We have a big variety of kitesurfing and wing foiling equipment for rent, so you can choose your favorite kite, wing or board that suits best your style of riding. Competitive prices: We offer top quality kite and wing foiling rental gear for the most competitive price.

Quality Guarantee: In the rare event of your gear breaking as a result of normal use, we will replace your rental equipment immediately.

Rent Kitesurf Board Tarifa

Kites for Rent in Tarifa:

  • Airush Lithium
  • Airush Razor
  • Airush Wave/Session
  • Airush Lift
  • Airush Ultra
  • Airush Union
  • Airush One Progression

Wings for Rent in Tarifa:

  • Starboard x Airush Freewing Go
  • Starboard x Airush Freewing Air v2

Kitesurf / Wing Foil Boards for Rent in Tarifa:

  • Airush Switch
  • Airush Apex
  • Airush Livewire (You can rent with boots as well)
  • AK Phaser Wing/Foil Board
  • Airush Comp
  • Airush Converse
  • Airush Mini Monster
  • Airush Foil Skate
  • Airush AMP
  • Airush Cypher

Foils for rent in Tarifa (kitesurfing and Wing foiling):

  • Airush Freeride Foil
  • Airush Carving Foil
  • Airush Surf Foil
  • AK Plasma Foil
  • AK Tracer and Trek Foils

Wetsuits, harnesses, and other accessories for Rent in Tarifa:

  • Ride Engine harnesses
  • ION and Prolimit wetsuits

Reserve your rental equipment now!