Kitesurfing in Essaouira, Complete Guide

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Kitesurfing in Essaouira: All you need to know for your kitesurf trip: Spots, how to get there, wind and much more!

Nestled on the western coast of Morocco, Essaouira is a charming port city that has long been a favorite destination for travelers seeking a mix of culture, relaxation, and adventure. But what many visitors may not know is that Essaouira is also a world-renowned spot for kitesurfing. With consistent trade winds, flat water, and plenty of open space, Essaouira attracts kitesurfers from all over the world who come to test their skills and enjoy the thrill of riding the waves. And for fans of pop culture, Essaouira may be familiar as a filming location for the popular TV series Game of Thrones. But whether you're a seasoned kitesurfer or a beginner looking to try something new, Essaouira has something to offer everyone.

How to get there?

There are several ways to get to Essaouira, Morocco from Europe, or from other big cities such as Marrakech or Casablanca, including:

By Air

Essaouira has its own airport, Mogador Airport (ESU), which is served by several airlines, including Ryanair, Transavia, and EasyJet. Flights from various cities in Europe such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Brussels, Madrid, and London are available. Once you arrive at Mogador Airport, you can take a taxi or shuttle to the city center.

By Bus 

You can also travel to Essaouira by bus. Several bus companies offer daily trips from major cities such as Marrakech and Casablanca to Essaouira. You can find bus schedules and book tickets online or at the bus station.

By Car

If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car in major cities such as Marrakech or Casablanca and take the highway to Essaouira. The drive takes about 3 hours from Marrakech and 4.5 hours from Casablanca. Of course you can drive from Europe by taking a ferry in Tarifa or Algeciras and you’ll be there in Tanger in about 40 minutes.

By Train

Although there is no train station in Essaouira, you can take an overnight train equipped with bunkbeds from Tangier arriving in Marrakech. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to Essaouira.

Winds for Kitesurfing in Essaouira

Essaouira is a popular destination for kitesurfing due to its consistent trade winds, which blow from the northeast and average around 20-25 knots (23-29 mph) throughout the year. Here are some details about the winds for kitesurfing in Essaouira


Best Time for Kitesurfing

The best time for kitesurfing in Essaouira is from April to September, when the trade winds blow consistently and provide ideal conditions for kitesurfing.

Wind Direction

The wind in Essaouira blows cross-onshore, which means that it comes from the side and slightly from behind. This is a good direction for kitesurfing, as it allows riders to kitesurf back and forth along the coastline.

Wind Strength

The wind in Essaouira is generally strong, which makes it ideal for advanced kitesurfers. Beginners may find the wind challenging but with the help of a qualified instructor it can be a great spot to learn due to its large beaches and flat water bay.

In summary, Essaouira's consistent trade winds, cross-onshore direction, and strong wind strength make it an ideal destination for kitesurfing, especially from April to September. Make sure to choose the right kitesurf school or instructor to learn in one of the most iconic kitesurf spots in the world.

Spots for Kitesurfing around Essaouira

Essaouira Bay

Essaouira Bay is a large crescent-shaped beach located just south of the city of Essaouira. The bay is known for its consistent winds and flat water, which makes it a great spot for kitesurfing and other sports like windsurfing and Wing Foiling. This is where our instructors usually teach our beginner students as the conditions are great, the beach is super big and it’s sheltered from the waves.

Sidi Kaouki Beach

Sidi Kaouki Beach is a long sandy beach located about 25 kilometers south of Essaouira. The beach is known for its strong winds and waves, which make it a popular spot for kitesurfing and surfing. There are several cafes and restaurants located near the beach, as well as a few kitesurfing schools.

Moulay Bouzarktoun

Moulay Bouzarktoun is a small fishing village located about 20 kilometers north of Essaouira. The village is known for its strong winds and waves, which make it a popular spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. It’s the most popular spot when it comes to kitesurfing with big waves when a good swell hits the town. Ask us and we can organize downwinders from Moulay to Essaouira. It’s an amazing experience!

Sidi M'Barek

Sidi M'Barek is a small fishing village located about 15 kilometers south of Essaouira. The village is known for its strong winds and waves, which make it a popular spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. There are a few cafes and restaurants located near the beach, as well as a kitesurfing school.


Imsouane is a small fishing village located about 90 kilometers south of Essaouira. The village is known for its long waves, which make it a popular spot for surfing and longboarding. On the left side of the bay you can find the famous long wave of Imsouane, which is great for longboarding. On the right side the wave is bigger, so it’s better for more advanced surfers. There are a few cafes and restaurants located near the beach, as well as a few kitesurfing schools.

Other things to do in Essaouira?

Want to take a break from Kitesurfing? Take the family or friends for a sightseeing tour? Did you get a no wind day? Essaouira has a lot to offer! Here are some other things to do in Essaouira besides kitesurfing

essaouira medina

Explore the Medina 

The historic Medina of Essaouira is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see for any visitor. Wander through the maze-like streets and alleyways, browse the local markets and souks, and take in the stunning architecture and vibrant colors.

Visit the Skala de la Ville

The Skala de la Ville is a fortified rampart that runs along the seafront of Essaouira. Climb up to the top for sweeping views of the ocean and the city.

Take a camel or horseback ride

The beach and surrounding countryside of Essaouira are perfect for a leisurely camel or horseback ride. Take a tour and explore the area in a unique and unforgettable way.

Visit the Essaouira Citadel

The Essaouira Citadel is a massive fortress that was built in the 18th century to protect the city from invaders. Take a tour and learn about the fascinating history of this impressive structure.

Relax on the beach

While Essaouira is famous for its kitesurfing, the long, sandy beaches are perfect for relaxing and soaking up the sun. Grab a book, a beach towel, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Visit the Essaouira Museum

The Essaouira Museum is a small but fascinating collection of art, artifacts, and historical objects that tell the story of the city and its people.

Take a cooking class

Moroccan cuisine is famous for its rich flavors and spices, and Essaouira is the perfect place to learn how to cook traditional dishes. Take a cooking class and learn how to make tagine, couscous, and other Moroccan specialties.


These are just a few of the many things to do in Essaouira. Whether you're looking for adventure, culture, or relaxation, Essaouira has something to offer everyone.